A Table Is Not Just a Table


When I was still living in my mom’s home, I noticed that no matter how cozy our couch was, or how spread out the living area was, people simply gravitated and stayed around the dining table. I am not sure why but I am guessing that it had something to do with the food.

When I finally moved in a new home as a new wife, the same thing happened. Many meals, conversations, and even my personal work, transpired at the dining table. It was then I realized that a table is not just a table, not only a place where tummies can be filled, but also where minds can meet and hearts are nourished. So much exchange happens over a meal or the simple sharing of tea that I made sure to note for our next home, I would have anything less than quality dining table.


And this is exactly what happened. It was almost about a year ago when we moved into the home where we stay today, and remembering how the value of a table goes way beyond simply propping up our meals three times a day, I really sought to find the best.

This is the Fulton Dining Table from Philux, matched by Embla chairs from Philux also


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We’ve been using it since last year and we couldn’t be happier. In just a few hundred days, it has surely seen through hearty meals and laughs, cries and comforts, contemplation and collaboration, mourning and celebrations. Many of them my own, and many also of others.

You may not have realized it yet but don’t we all use our dining tables for meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, counseling, meetings, dates? Who would’ve thought that with a simple table is a witness to so many memories and milestones? The range of sentiments it allows, and even the possibilities it is able to set up, are amazing. It is but a simple and blank space, yet it brings out the highs and the lows of life to be discussed, digested, developed. We must remember this: a table doesn’t only present food for the gut, but also nourishment for our minds and hearts.

Above all, it invites people to come together, which is especially important in an age of virtual communities and people have a semblance of a community without really meeting members in the flesh, without sharing anything real, tangible, and palpable as do a meal – no matter how delicious or how burnt it is.

This is how far a table goes, and I exhort you, investing for a good one is doing so for the yield of quality relationships.


Photos: Tarish Zamora Styling: Living the Curious Life and Gayle Ocampo / Makeup: Isabelle Silverio Dee  Skirt: Nicart Clothing  / Statement Earrings: Hey Jow


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