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Every time January comes around, I am reminded of how time really flies so fast because of my son’s birthday. Just a few minutes ago we were browsing through our photos from four years ago and it was pretty wild to see the evidence of how much he has grown.

It was amusing to see which of his equipment, like strollers, carriers, car seats, stayed with us for years, and also which ones that turned out to be useless purchases! New parents let me tell you this: don’t rush into buying everything for the baby. Instead, wait and see how your unique child behaves (like if he sweats more than other babies, or if he is more colicky than normal, or he is generally calm and favorable in these baby contraptions), that you might get him something that compliments him best. Also, slow purchases allow us the time to see if brands have figured out a new way to innovate, improve existing products in the market, to better serve our specific needs. (Like those cellphone holders on strollers, yo!)

And in case you haven’t noticed, the rate of innovation in this whole baby world is high! I actually cannot count the number of baby products that weren’t around when Philip was a newborn, to think that was only four years ago! Whenever I look at some of the new moms today, I think, how I wish I had them during Philip’s infancy.

One of those things I often wished we had was a car seat that would also grow with him. I don’t know why I didn’t think to get this, and perhaps even of I did think of it, we wouldn’t have much style to choose from anyway. Thankfully, some brands have now produced seats that transition from infancy all the way to early teen years like Aprica’s Air Groove Plus. On the other hand, here we are with the Air Ride, which starts at three, all the way until the kid is 11 years old. It has these following features.

For comfort:
  • Protecting your child’s head, shoulders and waist is the utmost importance, that’s what the Air Groove Plus has a full body 3D support
  • The large and deep Head Support keeps the neck and head in place, even while they’re asleep
  • The seat is made out of a mesh sheet and has a backrest that contains air holes, allowing air to circulate, keeping your baby cool and comfortable while seated
  • Use the seat with the backrest when your child is 3 years old, and as a booster seat all the way up til he or she turns 11
For convenience:
  • Lightweight and compact, it’s around 5kg, so it’s easier to install and carry compared to other car seats

I also especially like its recline feature, and it is also Philip’s favorite, by the way! It really does help him take quality naps, especially in long car drives.

If you’re thinking of getting your growing boy or girl something new for this year, go and check out latest products out in the market that are especially designed to last for years. Remember that the trick is to buy slow, so you can decide what best fits your child’s unique personality, and what can also serve you not only for a few months, but for many years.

How about you, Momma? Any baby or child equipment tips?


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