Bags by Katré


Katré is a small design studio based in Manila, Philippines. It all began with a 15-piece collection of ready-to-wear pieces until it found its way to leather goods. Established in 2009, KATRÉ hopes to promote individuality in a stylish way. While everyone else is going mad about the latest IT bags, the KATRÉ customer simply wants to find luxury in quality.

Backpack is called STRAND and the orange sling is PORTOBELLO.


You may find more of their leather goods over here: and follow their #feedgoals account on IG: @katrehq. They also have pop up shop open now at the East Wing of Edsa Shangril Mall. Look for the Katre Walk-In wardrobe on the 2nd floor!


If you in case find yourself browsing their online shop, don’t forget to drop by ANYTHING TRAVEL. I actually just bought their travel organizer in tan. And I am currently obsessed with their studded bag strap.



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