37 on 3/7


In no particular order, I just started jotting down some thoughts as I was approaching 37.


  1. The older I get the fewer things I hold precious. Is it really this way? That I will grow less and less in holding too many things dear until I hold nothing more but Jesus?
  2. The older I get the less absorbed I want to be about myself. (Never thought it would come. Thank God I am finally free of this debilitating condition.)
  3. I wanna tell the young to invest. Not only for herself, but for how she will want to change the world. She will need money for that and so I wanna tell her, “When you invest for yourself, also invest for others.”
  4. Every ten years my body tells me it is passing away. It tells me I am not in control. At 25 it was my metabolism. At 37 it boils down to simply not being able to stay up so late at night.
  5. It is never too early or too late to think about the next generation.
  6. I am somewhere in the middle of life and this means that the old people are dubious to trust me completely. They think I am not yet old enough to know what is best, and the young feel like I am no longer relevant to understand their present day issues and language. I am still getting used to not being completely cool and awesome while also nowhere ancient wise.
  7. There are far too many variables in one’s wish to have a husband and many children. I wanted it at 18 but everything only fell into place at 28. Desires do not call the shots. But God’s Will determines every single thing.
  8. So many things I did in my 20’s are still affecting my life now. Some good, some bad.
  9. I should have spent less time on the wrong boys and wrong pursuits, and wish to have wanted to change the world sooner.
  10. Young people, keep building your faith for health.
  11. Also, build life-giving habits that you can commit to for the rest of your life. Like reading the Bible and exercise.
  12. Agahan ang skincare. Tama silang lahat na mga tita at nanay natin, pramis. Never too early to start skincare, but I can’t say the same for starting too late.
  13. I find myself speaking to an imaginary audience of young people. I am always transferring some knowledge even when no one is asking.  Yup, I must be old.
  14. Which means, self-awareness must be polished.
  15. Or people could just choose to be more merciful to me.
  16. I am beginning to be deeply set in my ways and it is scaring me.
  17. I always thought I am the type to say never to say never say never. (I know it sounds silly but you get the point.) But now I think I get it.
  18. I need to be more urgent and deliberate about my relationships.
  19. By this point, one could probably fixate on past glories that seem to have slipped away. It is then imperative that we have a good grasp of our future glory.
  20. God’s mercy and redemption is more important than ever. Some mistakes catch up and they can drown me to think this defines the remaining stretch(es) of my life. I have to keep thinking about God as the only qualifier.
  21. I have so many regrets, but also, so much hope.

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