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Mother’s day is around the corner and here I am giving you an idea on what to give your mom this coming May! Some of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen me post about it already. It’s a new home line created by a dutiful wife, loving mom, and wonderful homemaker. Her name is Janelle Benin and she is a dear friend!


This line is also extra special for me because it was partly borne out of a question I asked her and the rest of the girls who meet with me monthly, last year. I said, “We always ask ourselves about what we are looking forward to in the coming new year, but can I ask you what is that one thing you consider done and over with for this year?”


Not knowing it would come to this, Janelle’s own answer came in the form of a new business because she was just done and over with not being able to take a step of faith in bringing her passion and purpose into reality!


So hereby we present to you today Ysabel Home, where every product says only one thing: that every home is a gift! <3



To know more about the brand, here is my short interview of the woman behind it.


Me: How did this start?


Janelle: Ysabel Home started with a vision and a purpose. Being a homemaker, I can relate with others who dream of owning a “bigger” or “better” house someday. But sometimes that dream can deviate us from truly living in the present. It is our goal to be able to encourage others to embrace the concept of treasuring our home.


Me: Why focus on the home?


Janelle: As a homemaker and stay at home mom, I wanted to do something out of my free time and I thought about the home because this is where we spend most of our time. I hope to be able to inspire many more to really see their homes not just as a place to stay but as a gift we can cherish.


Me: Why did you choose the name Ysabel and what does it mean?


Janelle: Ysabel is actually my second name and that is why I initially chose it. But I also love the meaning of Ysabel. Ysabel means devoted to God.


Again, I think this a great gift for moms this coming May. Why? Because moms just love all things home and all things that remind them, indeed, to have a home is a gift! To order Ysabel Home products, visit www.ysabelhome.com or follow them on Instagram: @YsabelHome ?


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