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I wasn’t born in the home of Martha Stewart. I am the third of six kids, and grew up in a house where the last of our brood were growing up sabay with 6 nieces and 1 nephew.

So it was not second nature for me to throw Pinteresting bridal and baby showers, or heavily styled Easter and Christmas dinners. Thankfully, with the help of internet and a wider community of women, I am able to pick up a few tips and learn my way and my style along the path of womanhood. Just last week I was able to mount two celebrations that all the guests truly enjoyed, so I thought to share some tips that would probably help other clueless young women.



Without a theme and a message, nothing will roll. No design, no communication, will ever be possible without those two.


Now themes and messages don’t have to be elaborate. The simpler they are, the better. The most important thing about them though is that they connect with the occasion or the celebrant.


Also, by having a theme and a message, you do not have to worry so much about your budget because even the simplest and most affordable parties become extraordinary when you have a great concept stringing them together.


Examples from my own personal parties would be:


  • Airplanes and Travel, for my son’s 1st Birthday Party, with the main message of “Time flies when you are having fun.” The word “flies” is there to tie the ends. That of “passage of time” with “planes and travel,” which is really what my son is known for, and has done much of, in his first year of life. (Click this for the blog post and photos.)
  • Birder Theme for my sister’s baby shower, with the main message of “Pablo Hatching Soon.” Obviously birds lay eggs and it was easy to connect hatching with giving birth. The theme also only works because my sister and her husband are true birders.
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Once you have the theme and message, you need to let all the details speak for them. For me, that would be communicated largely through the styling and venue. Both will contribute to the over-all feel of your party and will be your means of communicating the theme and message.

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Impeccable styling was by Flora and Fern, and venue was at Mateo’s Restaurant and Cafe in Horseshoe. It all came together perfectly as the place was quaint, intimate, great for small celebrations and quite flexible to dress up for different themes. I also like Mateo’s as it had such a homey feel. Like we were only doing it in our own house. It was perfect for the occasion as it really was a party for mostly our family and closest friends. 



More than gifts, add a value that your celebrant will not find elsewhere. These are my suggestions:


  • Involve friends who would willingly labor in love for the celebrant.
  • Throw in photos, give memories, this is always a good idea.
  • Document messages and advice given to celebrant so they can keep them.
  • Surprises are also, like Paris, always a good idea.

And if all else fails, honestly, good food is more than enough. We cannot be Martha Stewarts all the time so know that when something goes wrong and you have to make it simpler than you wish it to be, it really is the thought that counts! Love and thought and showering the celebrant with what she really needs should be more than enough.

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All photos by Jamie and Baby Lifestyle Photography. Jamie is half the team of Flora and Fern. It was such a joy to have her style, take photos, and be a guest! We kept laughing at all the hats she had to wear at the party. Above all, it really touched our hearts. Thanks, Jamie!


Since half of our family is also in the U.S. I asked my nieces to collect video greetings for Paula and Charlie, and it was our surprise to her at the shower! 


Our gorgeous cake was also the collaborative effort of Flora and Fern with Nikki Valdez — a long time friend, who now is a full-fledged baker! She said that she made the cake out of buttercream and lots of love. Find her and order from her over here: @missbuttercream_


Our thank you gift to our guests were throw pillows printed with tropical leaves for design. Thanks to our forever friend, Teena Barretto, for hooking us up with Insta Mug.You may Find them by clicking this


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