Someone Loves Me


When April was beginning to fade, I felt two things: loved and busy! Ah, May is mother’s month after all. 

But aside from the gifts and precious thoughts I receive all around, events that commission me to do this and that as part of mother’s month celebrations, usually lead me to wonderful gatherings such as the one we had with Moleskine.


Thanks to Dara who asked me if our Whole Mom team would like to work with the brand and without batting an eyelash I, of course, said yes! I’ve been a Moleskine user (kinda sounds like we’re talking about drugs but then again it is sorta like that; notebooks are addicting!) for years now. And all my notebooks are filled with both meaningful and nonsensical scribbles, *wink, wink*!

But apart from the compelling reason that is Moleskine, I also said yes to this project along with my partners Cheska and Marilen, because it means to celebrate not only the mothers but also the women behind their passions. Each mom in the room had something to stand for. It was actually amazing to hear them talk about the things they’ve built and advocacies they’ve pushed forth in this age of inspiration and influence. In one room we had little less than 30 women, all mothers, but each one so unique and so special in her own way.

We had magazine editor, bloggers, writers, calligrapher, food enthusiasts, journalists, award winning actress, bakers, vaginal-birth-after-caesarian champion, organic-living propellers, yogi, bento artist, top model, businesswomen, and community managers! All of them continue to move in the new media landscape with ease because of the work and lives they lead that inspire other women.

When we opened the program we actually asked each mom in the room to say their name, what they do or stand for and give a little trivia about herself. This alone got every mom in the room laughing and empathizing as we have a variety of stories to tell about our hectic selves. But then we also were wonderstruck with one another, recognizing that we all come from a place of strength that has always been there, only drawn out and enhanced even more by motherhood.

Life, after all, is a journey. That’s what many people say. In a span of it you find that while motherhood is a big and crucial piece of the pie, it isn’t the only thing included in your story. It contributes much to our lives’ twists and turns, yes, but our fear of butterflies (Fozzy), refusal to eat mangoes (Janna Simpao) and potato chip subscriptions (Mish Aventajado) have nothing to do with it, as do the art of writing, pioneering a successful bridal website and one’s love for all things delicious.

But then again the struggles of being the light of our homes are real. And it is so easy to lose that special part of who we are over the question of bills, turning over of sheets, meal plans, budget concerns and more of the like in each day.


It actually begins the day someone feels sad that your presence is not enough when you don’t have the cute baby with you, or when they remember you more for being your child’s mother instead of your name. It’s so easy to forget that we were already special right before these awesome crawling creatures came. And it is also so easy to forget we were loved even before we loved our kids.




Ahhhh, the verse is always music to my ears. Instantly, it is though my own voice is reminding me in song, softly, gently, “Someone loves me, Someone loves me.” Oh how we need this! The knowledge that we come not only from a place of strength but from a place of love. Someone loves me! And every story I write for myself is nothing but a testament to the truth that yes, Somebody loves me.

And I thank Moleskine for helping me pen that down for the generations of mothers to come. Someone loves you. All the women in the room that day were there because Someone loved them first. God loved them through their existence and that love should sustain them through the loving of others that we so want to do.

You know what was astonishing to watch? Moms gushing over the personalized flowers that Fiora Manila gave them. To think that these are strong women and yet little things make their day. People, it doesn’t take a lot to make a mother happy. Mere thoughtfulness is enough. And the fact that you know her name. 


For this event I want to thank the following: MoleskineFiora Manila, H&M Home, H&M Philippines, Sheila Catilo for the wonderful photos and Dara David Roa for putting everything together.


A shout of gratitude to those who made sure to capture that day on their blogs, too!


Thanks Patty (,


Ate Maricel ( and


Mish (!


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