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I am the daughter of my mother. When I was a young girl I remember vividly that I would come home from school meaning to go straight to our refrigerator for cold water only to find out it is no longer there. She has apparently rearranged our home for a thousandth time. I blame it to a childhood’s worth of seeing our furniture pieces moving from one point to another, to have this incessant desire to always change something in my own home. 

Of course, this will be a very costly hobby if I am not smart enough. So I fell into the trap of reupholstery and tweaking wood finishes. Also, investing in customizable furniture that can potentially grow old with you. Which I found to be even more important, after having my first child.


A child is rapidly developing and his needs differ in every stage. So many people advised against getting a crib because of how quickly a baby outgrows this. This is true. I find that a crib really isn’t necessary at all. It would have been better if I had invested in a good single sized mattress and sheets for him, as well as mats which he can use and play safely in from birth to at least three to four years of age. Shelves are also so useful! In every stage, a child will do good in having shelves or low cabinets. But having cabinets made can also sometimes get you stuck at a certain level or height. What to do when the child has outgrown your baby or toddler set-up, right?


Well, one smart solution is to sell the old cabinet to invest in a new one, that which is more age appropriate for your child. But even better is if you can find shelves that are basic and open-ended enough that it can actually last you through an entire lifetime! And guess what? I actually found that brand, which I am happy to share with everyone on the blog today.


Simply Modular Furniture System is the solution I am talking about. It’s a system of connectable panels that are self-assembled to form different types of furniture – a shelf, cabinet, console table, closet, bed, desk, bench, and whatever else you can imagine turning it into. They may be reused and morphed into different styles and sizes as needed.



I arranged everything by theme. Each shelf with a certain group of educational toys to help him focus on learning one subject at a time. As you can also see, there are short box like panels, and there are longer, rectangular ones. The long ones, I am thinking, can serve as Philip’s table when he is a bit older. 


If you care to know and have the time to listen, here are 5 reasons that made me go for these panels:


  1. I can always re-customize according to the needs of my growing boy. 
  2. When he outgrows this, it will still remain useful to me! I specifically got all white so it could fit ANY theme I or any family member would ever get into in the future.
  3. If I happen to have girls after him, these shelves can still apply! It can be shared and even completely handed down. 
  4. When I have to move houses, I can take them with me, yey!!! Plus points would be: storing the panels takes up minimal space as they are flatly stacked in a box, so it is easily transportable. (No need to rent big trucks, hooray!!!)
  5. Also, all parts are made from high quality ABS plastic, 100% waterproof, termite-proof, rust-proof, and can hold up to 200 kilos. The weight limit was my concern because we love books, and this is quite important to consider if you are thinking to use it for your “library.” Very, very easy to clean, as well. Which is of high value to parents who have small, active, messy, kids!



Shelves can be covered like a cabinet or open just like my top ones. Very useful to hide some things from a small boy who cannot focus effectively when everything is in sight all at once!


I am actually so happy with this purchase that I am thinking about getting more. I have also, taking after my mother’s footsteps, tried stacking them in different ways already. Yup, in less than two months of having them, haha! High up as a shelf-cabinet, low shelves to one like a table, then back to low cabinet. Who knows how I am rearranging this next week?


By the way, Simply Modular can be found here, in case you want to know more about them and shop online: They also have a physical store at SMDC M Place, South Triangle (beside ABS-CBN), Quezon City. There are other colors and designs, in case you want a little more flair for your own panels. The price point is P2,300.00-P9,300.00/full set. See other influencers who have also customized their homes using these panels by following Simply Modular on IG (@simplymodularph) and also Facebook (Simply Modular PH).


Hoping I was able to share a practical mommy purchase with you all! I am very happy with my Simply Modular units, and I pray when you get yours you’d be just as overjoyed, too!



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