Shopping Therapy & Strategy!


This month has been quite hectic for me and it’s just going to get worse through July. So…I needed a shopping therapy! ? And when I say shop I mean two things: UPDATE and VALUE for MONEY.


So it was definitely a treat to chance upon Promod’s End of Season Sale at Megamall last week, where I was able to budget my little shopping money well and split them neatly into my categories. Sorry, I know this is a nerdy way to discuss fashion but I just need to organize my style like that. Let me show you what I mean.


So I bought some pieces that were on the regular rack, but only was able to do so because I bought some of them for as low as half the original price. Now here is what I do when I chance upon end of season sales:


  1. Get basics, basics, basics! (Which means white or black or blue tops and nice pairs of pants in the basic colors, too.)
  2. Get off season colors but totally complement your personality. Like my marsala-isa romper was already replaced with a bright red one on regular priced but I still chose the older hue just because it fits my age more.
  3. Dig well and hard! It can be confusing to look a whole rack of 50-offs, but there are great rewards for those who are willing to hunt for unique treasures among them!


Anyway, since I was last in Promod, so many good finds are still up for grabs. Visit their branches, and follow their social media accounts for updates. This particular sale will last until July 15. Their accounts include: @promodph on Instagram and Promod Philippines on Facebook!

Many thanks to Lem Noceda for my super natural (hahaha) makeup | Shop Zuuni for my statement earrings |  Ibiza Beach Club in BGC for our location (I have an upcoming post about their day time food specials!) | Trish Zamora for taking my awesome photographs!


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