Finally, a skincare post!


It's been a while since I last blogged, and it's because of a couple of things.

First things first, I accepted a part-time office job last December. Yes, December, on the busiest of all months in a year! Haha. 


Although I only reported to the office twice a week, I did most of the work at home, online, almost on the daily. To shed some more light on the nature of work that I do (or did, since it was my last day yesterday? But then I continue to help them through transition, as a volunteer…), since I started creating online content in 2012, I have had some level of knowledge in creating content for new media platforms. This is essentially what the organization got me for, to manage their online channels and to launch experiments that will give us insight and direction on its virtual presence, by publishing different forms of content on them. 🙂 (Kung masyadong technical yan, isipin niyo nalang na kung ano anong pinopost ko sa mga social media nila at tintingnan namin which ones work and which ones don’t for the benefit of their own audience. Kk?)


Aside from this, I also continue to finish my master’s. I am currently working on a research project that is due on May 3. Please pray for me? HAHA. 



Last but not the least, I’ve also been busy because of my decision to be really serious about vlogging this time. I’ve tried to do this before but the mother/wife/student/homemaker/part-time employee in me simply cannnot sustain it. However, hulog ng langit is the team, who are committed to work with me on this one. I really have Kaira and Simon to thank when it comes to resurrecting a dead channel. More than that, I am deeply grateful to them for having made me realize that there is a side of me that people want to see. Expect more of that on my YouTube channel, and sige na nga, also here. 

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So anyway, I’ve been wanting to get back on the blogging habit. Writing is my first love and I promise you guys who continue to read me that I won’t ever stop doing this. It might not be as frequent and consistent, but surely, I will do my best to release something written from time to time. Also, the books will come. I’ve been asked about a second book and I have been wanting to work on it, but that’ll have to wait for now. 



In the spirit of connecting with my followers, I am releasing this entry on my personal skincare regimen. I’ve been asked several times about the products I use and what I essentially do to keep my skin fresh and blemish-free, and I think I ought to give you my background to start with. 


So I’ve always had a fair and milky complexion. I never did anything to be this way, and I only have my mom to thank for. To this day she only grows about three strands of armpit hair, and she’s never had a pimple in her life. So yeah, Alicia is da orig skin influencer and not me. 


But because I was blessed to inherit her skin genes that it kinda worked against me, somehow. I never had acne problems as a teenager, no pimple, dryness, oilyness ever that I didn’t think much of skincare routines all throughout my life. Until early last year I would use Safeguard for washing my face. (Baka kasi may mikrobyo, alam niyo na. AHAHA.) I did this and also refused to do skincare recommendations of the mga Titas of Manila like, “Don’t rub your face like that,” or “Maglagay ka na ng cream sa leeg mo,” or “Wag kang kumunot,” or “Magsunblock ka lagi!” But age caught up and when I hit 36 onwards, I often saw my aged skin and it made me a bit regretful. I could now see the lines of time striking through my neck, the sides of my eyes, my forehead, and more. Tama nga sila mga Titas of Manila, may value ang prevention!

Now, this was just the beginning of my realization. I think that what really did it for me was when I got bored on the plane, on my way to South Africa, and heard that Duty Free gave a 50% off on a purchase of three items or more on board. I immediately looked at the catalogue and bought the Laneige two-tone lippies. When the girl swiped my card, I realized 15% off pala, not 50%. Kaloka. I know. Lesson learned: on flights, iba-iba talaga tayo ng accent, remember!!!


But okay na din because the purchase came with a small starter kit of Laneige’s Watermask line. Because it was free that I started using it and began to notice the difference of my skin before and after use. In just a short while I became convinced that I now cannot live without this nightly gel for my face. Soon after, it also encouraged me to try different products and here is a list of them that I find to have worked so far:

  1. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Collection: eye concentrate matrix, synchronized recovery complex II, micro cleansing foan, micro essence: skin activating tratement lotion,  nutritious Rosy Prism — which is my fave!!! It works like a phone filter, serious!!!! As in, akala mo may smoothening effect ka bigla sa skin mo and it’s instant! The con of this set is that it can be super expensive to have them all. Check prices online, and none of them really goes below P1,800. Also, they all work so well together that the best effect is when you have about two-three of the line and you put it on top of one another. But again, this can be the most expensive option. 
  2. Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture_EX + Water Sleeping Mask: Also the best. Haven’t tried their skin products for the daytime but these work great on me. 
  3. Happy Skin’s Anti-Aging Facial Wash, Sakura Bloom Brightening Peeling Gel and Hydrating Skin Booster are also good! They are also local and I love it every time I can support our own products! They really do brighten the face after use.
  4. Day-Light Protection Sun Screen SPF 50/PA+++ is also good, as well as Happy Skin’s Catch the Sun Brightening UV Gel Cream SPF 40 PA+++ Anti-Urban. I am personally loving the dewy feels of sunscreen products. Bagay kasi sa balat ko, I feel.

So far, these are the only things I use which I can vouch for. I also am big on having a good derma and in my case, I have Luminisce by Dra Kaycee Reyes, located in BGC. My routine is simple: Wake up, take a bath, wash face, apply product, then leave or go do whatever. At night, the same. Take off your makeup, put on moisturizer, and this is when I apply generously. I feel like it helps that when you sleep, you are lathered in a product that helps your skin regenerate or something. Hindi ko din alam if psyhological lang yun, haha! Research niyo nalang. 

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Beyond Skin-Deep

Seriously, I am a changed woman. From no skincare routine at all to mega pahid-pahid, moisturize, etcetera day in, day out! However, I do feel like I need to be honest with you all, too, that the secret to great skin is never solely through a beauty product. No doubt they help. But we must also remember our skin types differ from one another and each kind calls for different care or treatment also. So my recos may or may not work, there is no way we can guarantee. (Now I also understand the value of tester kits! So you don’t unnecessarily spend much on something that really won’t work for you naman pala.)


The other thing is that there can be many causes underneath our skin problems or challenges. Hormones, stress, change of weather, irritants, diet. We must also be diligent to check which parts of our life must be affecting the way our skin is behaving. Para lang yang external behavior, which is largely influenced by internal issues.


Also, I’ve met people who, even after loads and loads of medicine and treatment, still find their skin to be so volatile, so reactive. Nothing they do changes the skin on the surface and I know how frustrating this could be. I experience this at times, too. It could really get to me when I think about putting 8-thousand-peso creams on my face is not enough to spare me from a super distracting zit every time my time of the month comes!


So what then is my advice when all else fails? ANCHOR YOUR SECURITY ON SOMETHING STABLE. Even before anything fails, actually, I say always anchor your confidence, security, identity, on eternal and more dependable things. And the truth is that your skin won’t be it. Even mine, which you might be thinking is doing pretty well, can break. I’ve seen it. I’ve covered it. I’ve been worried about it. 


On the other hand, a smile, an encouraging word, a peaceful demeanor, I would rather have, than superb skin that merely covers a dry and weary soul. And these come from an internal confidence about who I am as something that cannot be dictated by my outward appearance, or even a predictable and pleasant behavior, but only by the relationships I have around me – as a daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, and follower of Jesus. It helps heaps to know you are loved no matter what, right? On good days, as well as the bad, it helps to know you are loved. I think that’s the best skin advice I can give you and I pray that even before you go out buying products for your skin, you’d take the time to first nourish your spirit and your heart!


What did you think of my recos and advice? Comment below!


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