Being Barista


More than a decade ago, my friends found it so novel that I had my own espresso machine at home.

I am not sure when it started, but it has been quite some time that I’ve been this in love with the coffee that I had to be able to make my own cup without having to get out of my pajamas. And so soon as the moment came and I could afford one, I purchased that glorious black and silver machine and started making macchiatos, espresso shots, lattes and mochas for everybody.


Back then there was very little support for coffee amateurs. It wasn’t as easy as Googling how-to’s and searching for DIY videos to support the interest. Repairs also took a while, since there weren’t many who liked having these massive metal beauties in their home. So when my first ever Delonghi machine broke down and descaling was so alien a concept to me, I finally gave up the hobby and turned to coffee shops for a more consistent provider of my coffee fix.


But this whole Third Wave coffee culture reawakened my old desire to be my home’s own barista. Aside from the sprouting of specialty cafés around the metro, more and more equipment has come in to make it easier for homeowners to bring the espresso culture right inside their turf.

 The Dedica comes in black, silver, and red. Its classic design also is so aesthetically pleasing.


There are now different types that make it hassle free for every kind of coffee lover or family. I was personally drawn to the Dedica pump espresso machine, which makes a single cup, but can go up to two shots of espresso per load. In my home, I am the sole coffee drinker so there is no need to get a huge machine which may unnecessarily eat up a lot of counter space. Yeah, it is quite sad that my husband is not into coffee, nevertheless I am training my son to take my beverage path even at a young age, by using Dedica’s advanced manual frother for the richest, thickest, longest lasting foam for his “babyccino.” (That’s actually milo + milk froth!)

This is a great gift idea, I am telling you. I can actually receive one more and I would still be so happy, haha!


Dé Longhi Experience Store is on the 3rd Floor of Vertis North and also at the Coffee LG of the Shangrila East Wing Mall. You may follow @delongiph on IG and Delonghi Philippines on FB 🙂


But no machine will be able to generate great coffee if the beans are not freshly ground. So I am definitely happy about finding a De’Longhi Burr Grinder for such an affordable rate! If I remember correctly, there wasn’t anything below 10,000PHP for a quality grinder here in the Philippines. So their small and compact burr grinders produced by De’Longhi are really heaven-sent for me.


Aside from that, they’ve got a range of kitchen appliances like fryers and ovens especially for baking your very own bread at home. And to a Pinay mom like me, that sounds perfectly appealing, doesn’t it?



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