To My Papa and My Papa’s Father



1) FORGIVENESS : A few years ago, before leaving for America, he asked forgiveness for all his mistakes from our family- my mom, the siblings in Manila, as well as some of my nieces. I remember him being so somber and broken, humbled and truly sorry. I think I will never ever forget this image of my Papa, and how I felt so proud of him.


2) CHANGE: Aside from owning up to his mistakes, he also changed and became a better man. For the first time in years, last year I heard my father tell me his plans for my mom. I admire him; even through pain, hurt, and old age, he fought to do what is right for my mother, that is, to be her partner and provider.


3) TALA: A few years ago, I can’t even remember why, but as I was looking for my very own number in Papa’s phonebook, he instructed me to look for myself under the name “tala.” Tala is Filipino for star. Right there and then I felt a tug in my heart, because not once did I think that he saw me that way. I realized that while I could be a star to many Filipinos (specially during the peak of my career), nothing beats being the apple of the eye of your very own father.


4) GOD’S WORD: Papa has unwittingly sown God’s Word deep into my heart. I know verses of some church songs so well just because I grew up hearing him sing so loudly in his room everyday, “Oh, bless the LORD!” and “Horse and Riders/ Horse and Riders…/They were thrown into the sea…” – without realizing then that it was talking about the crossing of the Red Sea. At times when his door’s slightly ajar, I even see him in a posture of praise, on his feet, palms raised and head facing up to heaven.

Papa is one of the most handsome people I know.


It has been years since he left for the States to fix his papers, and sadly, he chose to stay there so he can efficiently work for my mother. For reasons we both understand, Papa wasn’t even able to go home for my wedding and also missed out on the chance to hang a medal around my neck on my graduation.


This year, I am believing that I’d be able to visit him, and perhaps, that he’ll be finally present when Joseph and I renew our vows, maybe, in 5 years. Although I am already 31 years old, I never stop being my dad’s daughter and he, my father. I believe no one is too old (and never too late) to desire her dad’s blessing and honor.


This was on my wedding day, before walking down the aisle, my father called and we talked on the phone. He was all the way in Alaska.



Maybe many of us don’t have the most perfect scenario or situations with our dads right now, where distance, whether physical or emotional, hinders a full relationship with them. I know how it feels, guys, and it can be pretty sad from time to time. But let me encourage you that in times as such, I am able to find solace in the Lord, My Father in heaven, who is able to remind me that He is my Papa’s father, as well. The Greatest Father of all is sovereign and such knowledge is a source of comfort whenever I miss and get concerned about my biological father.


Whew. I knew I wouldn’t be able to write a father’s day blog without getting sad.


Pop, I miss you, and I continue to believe that I will see you soon. Thank you for giving me those precious memories I have been able to list above. I want you to know that not only are they memories, but great examples, as well. I’m proud to have you as my father, which makes me sorry there were many times you could not be proud of me as your daughter. But because you helped plant the seeds of God’s Word in my heart when I was a little girl, in His perfect time, it grew and gave me a new life by which I can finally honor you with. I love you, Papa. Happy Father’s Day!


Father God, thank you for being the best daddy there ever will be. Thank you that when fathers and their children find something between them, both parties can always run and take refuge under your wings. Thank You for Your perfect love from where springs our ability to be the best parent, the best child. Thank You that because of You, no amount of sadness can bring us to a point of desperation and lack. Instead, we can wait and hope for the day when you will restore every father to his son and daughter, as we had once been far from You- lost, but now found. I love you My Father in heaven. Happy Father’s Day!



Please take your time to listen to this song, “No Matter What” from the broadway musicale “Beauty and the Beast.” It has always been a great reminder of how God sees me, “creme de la creme” and how I see him as “tops,” even when some people think we are odd. In this Father and daughter relationship, I believe that we know each other best as He has planned all my days and as He is faithful in my life.




Papa, do you think I’m…odd?

My daughter odd? Where did you get an idea like that?

I don’t know. It’s just that, well, people talk.

They talk about me, too.

No, we’re not odd, its true
No fam’ly could be saner
Except one uncle who…well, maybe let that pass
In all you say or do
You couldn’t make it plainer
You are your mother’s daughter; therefore you are class

So I should just accept
I’m simply not like them

They are the common herd
And you should take my word
You are unique: creme de la creme
No matter what you do
I’m on your side
And if my point of view
Is somewhat misty-eyed
There’s nothing clearer in my life
Than what I wish and feel for you
And that’s a lot…
No matter what

No matter what they say
You make me proud
I love the funny way
You stand out from the crowd

It’s my intention my invention
Shows the world out there one day
Just what we’ve got…

No matter what

Now some may say all fathers just exaggerate

That ev’ry daughter’s great?

You are!

And ev’ry daughter tends to say her father’s tops

She pulls out all the stops
To praise him

And quite rightly!

No matter what the pain
We’ve come this far
I pray that you remain
Exactly as you are
This really is a case of father knowing best

And daughter too!

You’re never strange

Don’t ever change

You’re all I’ve got
No matter what.



  • Jisa Mayonila
    June 17, 2012

    Of all your blogs that i have read, this is the only one that brought me to tears (the rest made me smile:)).

    • Rica
      Jisa Mayonila
      June 17, 2012

      Awww…not all stories are happy noh? 🙂

  • Genlove
    June 17, 2012

    How sad to know that you’re away with your Dad, Rica. But in life there are lots of reasons that we need to understand. And you truly understood the situations.
    Good thing you forgave your Dad whatever the reason it is. God will always bless you in everything that you do.

    Happy Fathers day to your Dad! He is so proud to have someone amazing like you. ^^

  • Sem
    June 17, 2012

    Awww..i cried while reading this. Sad but hopeful…with God,everything is possible. God bless you and your family.

  • Jane
    June 17, 2012

    Thank you for reminding us that in God we can still be whole despite the holes in life. That song was beautiful. :’)
    Happy Father’s Day to your handsome Dad! I can’t wait to greet my Dad too! 🙂

    • Rica
      June 17, 2012

      Ang ganda naman how you put it, “whole for the hole.” 😀 Thank u!!!

      • Jane
        June 17, 2012

        I hope you don’t mind if I place your blog in my wordpress blogroll. hehe. 🙂

  • cross doreh lee
    June 17, 2012

    hello miss rica,

    since i discovered your blog site, i find hand not to peak in your site to read the bits of your thoughts you shared through your blog…you have grown to be very matured and spititually guided person

    this blog about your father and the Father is touching…you showed me and made me realized that there is this Great Father we all, if not some of us, forget to pay tribute to this special day of the fathers…Our Father…thank you for enlightening me…

    keep the blogs coming…i hope one day i could be able to share may thoughts in the way that you do…i would take mo some mote years and some more experiences to be able to dream on and realize a dream of having my thoughts read…

    good luck and God bless!

    PS: by the way, I’m from legazpi city…i also like your blog about climbing Mt. Mayon…glad to know that you find our hometown beautiful.

    • Rica
      cross doreh lee
      June 17, 2012

      We’re actually going back! Can you give me tips on where I can possibly stay for about 2 days? 🙂 Thanks for supporting my site and for your encouraging feedback!

  • Crizierono
    June 17, 2012

    Awww so touching…You make me cry (how I wish my dad still around)Idol your blog really help me a lot thanks for being such a good and wonderful example/inspiration ..I really admire you. Your so talented and good example to everyone. The first time. I saw you during ASAP 03 your truly beautiful and one of the most beautiful faces in showbis. Your truly blessed ms. Rica. By the way may I know where’s the victory church here in SG.

  • shery
    June 18, 2012

    AWWW what a father’s day tribute carls…naiyak ako your papa is so gwapo pala! i dont think ive ever seen a pic… or if i did i think nung grad ni Leng? pero parang iba look nya from there to this one you posted..d ko namukhaan… Happy father’s day to your Papa!

    this hits close to home.. someday i hope god hears my everyday prayer… that dad will someday come to us and apologize.. although it’s been goshh 18yrs i think since my parents divorced there really was not a “closure” esp to us (their children).. we dont spend much time with him/or him spends time w/us (he’s always lived in Alaska…and only in Seattle a few months a year or 2 yrs) WE do try and only part of us can forgive what’s he’s done.. i think a full forgiveness can only be given when he finally makes to terms of his mistakes…. and that one day everything will really be ok (kahit maging civil lang sila nang mom ko…coz it’s harder for us kids esp. their apos bdays.. no fail it’s always an issue!:( like punta ba yung isa kasi yung isa nandon or d na lang pupunta pero the whole clan wont come…oh diba issue hahaha) ayyy sorry humaba na comment ko… anyway, pray with me also ah? =)

  • andrea
    June 18, 2012

    This was a very touching entry. Alaska is not too far away; I hope you do get to visit! I live in Anchorage, and I love it. 🙂 It’s truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in, and I thank God everyday for allowing me to experience nature at its finest. Also, your wedding photo above captured so much emotion. How difficult this must have been for him to miss one of your most important moments in life. I’m sure you’re making him proud. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rica
      June 18, 2012

      Hay, Some people are always nearer to my dad. Kalungkot but I am hoping to visit talaga! 🙂 Thanks!!!

  • bojaro
    June 18, 2012

    my father was not present during my wedding as well (he’s an ofw) & i know how it felt…but the presence and blessings of God filled the gap.

    you are an inspiration to me being a young pastor’s wife myself. this blog is set apart!

    • Rica
      June 19, 2012

      wow grabe naman, salamat 🙂 ang dami pala nating hindi present ang dads on the wedding day…*sigh*…

  • karen
    June 18, 2012

    hi rica..we have the same situation..during my wedding, my papa wasn’t there to accompany me walk down the sad but i know he is happy that i married the man who truly loves God..surely we will always be our daddy’s little girl.. 🙂

  • Mari
    June 18, 2012

    grabe carla, I was teary-eyed too while reading this entry you have for your father…I remember my wedding day 2 years ago with the same story like yours, my tatay was not able to bring me to the altar. Differences and gaps separated us. But indeed, our Heavenly Father, who is faithful as always, made way to reconcile us just this year..Glory to God, the maker of heaven and earth.

  • Aya
    June 18, 2012

    Hello Ms. Rica, that blog’s very touching, and truly your father is very handsome 🙂 I’ve just read that your planning to go back in Legazpi City. I can recommend a hotel type resort for you, its located in Guinobatan, albay. We’ll be very happy to see you! 🙂 Just let me know if your interested.

    Take care and God bless!

  • Aya
    June 19, 2012

    Ms. Rica. Email sent 🙂

  • Lainey
    June 19, 2012

    This is the best blog for “father’s day” ! It made me both smile and cry. You are indeed blessed with talents and family. Keep it up…I am sure you’ve lifted so many souls. You are correct God the Father will never leave us nor forsake us. I loved the song…you are so creative! Looking forward to more of your posts. : ))

  • mimi
    June 20, 2012

    very touching itong entry miss rica! are you planning to migrate to US?

  • enich
    June 22, 2012

    it just can’t be got your looks from your dad! GOd bless, ms carla!

  • Paula Bianca
    June 28, 2012

    Hi Carla,

    Thanks for sharing this. Just want to share a bit of my testimony regarding my dad and our Father God’s faithfulness…

    My dad left for the US 1 week before I was born as he was a seaman that time, but became a TNT (you know, tago ng tago :P). Anyway, he was already a Christian and he was actually the one who introduced my mom to the Lord. During the next 11 years, he provided for us even though we knew he just worked doing odd jobs as he was not a legal citizen. When I was 11, he stopped sending support, and rejected my mom’s calls and letters.

    Despite all of these, I grew up happily as an only child, full of my mother’s love (thank God for her!). I grew up in church but only accepted the Lord when I was in college. Before graduating college, I got reconnected with my dad thru my aunt. He sent a LONG email and I found out he had a family of his own during the time we stopped communicating. He apologized and added that he is currently going thru divorce and I have 2 half-sisters.

    I believed that time I was happy to think that my mom got “vindicated” for what my dad did to her. However, God made me realize also that my dad was also a Christian, who, same as us, had to go thru some rough times to test his faith.

    To cut the story short, I lost communication with him again because of the personal stuff he was going through (divorce, financial issues, getting laid off, etc.). BUT just this past Father’s Day, thru my eldest half-sister (yes, they know they have an “Ate” :D) we were able to chat a bit and had a straight talk about my plans of going to the US and work as a Physical Therapist. During the past few weeks, my mom and I were praying for financial breakthrough so I could finally leave. All of a sudden, as my dad and I were chatting, he offered support! I started to cry because after SO many years GOD USED OUR HOPELESS SITUATION INTO A HOPEFUL ONE! After YEARS of waiting!

    Point is, on Father’s Day, not only did our Father God reunite me again with my dad, He also gave provision for what I needed! It really just blew me away! RECONCILIATION + PROVISION all in one day!

    My mom understands all of this as she admitted she’s also been praying that I get to “experience” spending time with my biological father. Thank God because everything fell into place IN HIS TIME! ♥

    P.S. And yes, am looking forward to the day I will FINALLY have my dad walk me down the aisle someday…really a dream come true as I thought it would NEVER happen! 😀

  • April
    June 29, 2012

    Just saw this post for your father. I can’t help but cry as i miss my father so much. He’s with our heavenly father.

    It’s a nice feeling after all what happen, forgiveness took place, in God’s time.

    May God always bless you and your family.

  • a great reminder of how God sees me « Zhaylah's World
    June 29, 2012

    […] This is shared by Rica through her blog. […]

  • Y
    July 3, 2012

    It took me sometime to open this blog entry. I purposely skipped it whenever I would visit your blog. Today, I found the courage to read it and I felt sad. I recognize the same struggle: what I have is not a perfect relationship with my father. I used to think and I still do honestly, that he’s not proud of me. He wants me to take a path that would lead to his personal dreams/goals but I just can’t. And I think whenever we have that discussion and I explain to him my reasons, I can see his disappointments and it hurts a lot.

    Just last month, amidst a serious/heated family discussion I have confronted him of things that he has done and these things have hurt my family especially my mother. He didn’t comment but he looked at me briefly as if he was sorry but then went on to change the subject and lashed out his anger at us. And since then, we haven’t spoken yet.

    To this day, I always fervently pray for God to help my papa overcome his personal struggles. Despite what has happened in the past, I am pretty hopeful that things will look up soon thru the help of our Heavenly Father.

    Thank you Rica for sharing this. I admire your courage and I’m praying that I can muster that courage for myself too. Again, thank you. God Bless.

  • Chester
    March 13, 2013

    Hi Rica, I just came across this when I was searching for who was your father. He is a family friend here in Anchorage Alaska and I always see him in family gatherings and my cousins told me “He is Rica Peralejo’s dad, one of the famous actresses in the Philippines” and apparently i did not believe them and i have to search the net and they were right. Anyway, I just wanna say he is a good man. Cheers – Chester

  • elle
    June 22, 2015

    As i was browsing ur IG account, ive seen one of the pictures with your dad and connected to this blog posted way back 2012 ( through a comment in that IG picture RE: blog about father’s day) ..upon reading this, it touches my heart as you pay tribute to your dad…much more admiring him for being a good father surrounded with God’s words.. more so, the songs “Oh, bless the LORD!” and “Horse and Riders/ Horse and Riders which he used to sing (of which i can relate as we also sing these praises during our Morning Praise and Easter Vigil… God bless..)

    • Rica
      July 11, 2015

      Hey Elle. Is it not a blessing to have God’s Word spoken through us by our very own biological dads? 🙂

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