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Are you ready for summer?

We’ve all been feeling it in Manila, and my friends have been posting photos of beaches on their feeds. The heat is just pushing us all to get out of the city and if you are looking for family friendly places, I have recommendations! Maybe we can start with Mövenpick Cebu.

Family Deals

“Family travel is one of the fastest-growing segments of the tourism industry. With our new family program and package, we want to fill in the gap in terms of meeting the real needs of parents travelling with babies and children, starting with the most meaningful and relevant services.”


“There’s absolutely no room for boredom, with exciting adventures and activities happening under the sun, plus access to the Little Birds Club, where the little ones can play. Parents can also enjoy some down time at Spa del Mar for that much-needed quiet and tranquil time.”

The shore is friendly to families with small kids.

It isn’t too big, so it won’t be easy to lose your child.

“No one can resist hitting the waters, whether that of the pool or beach. And there is a whole lot of outdoor adventures waiting for you. We have a Family Program, as well as arts and crafts activities for kids and group exercises in the beach garden. Health is wealth, and our gym is open to all in-house guests. There are group exercises scheduled outdoors, and a selection of island tours and water sport activities is also available for those who are craving some thrills. If you are up for some indoor challenges, kids and parents alike are welcome at our game area, complete with a pool table, chess board, an Xbox and foosball set. Guests also get free chocolate treats at the lobby lounge during Mövenpick’s signature Chocolate Hour, from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm.”

The Spaces

Rooms: I sometimes like it rugged, sometimes I like it ultra comfortable. Since Movenpick is a five-star hotel, then this one sounds more like the latter. Think nice sheets and suite spaces.

Their garden cabanas: for rent are a pretty neat idea. It is for lounging the whole day, if that is what you are looking for relaxation. But there are more pockets for beach bumming all throughout the resort. Choices of pools by the hotel or by Ibiza – their club and restaurant which comes alive at night, are always looking to refresh any guest who might be weary of the daily grind she has to go through in the city. Their net pods also happen to be extremely hip and relaxing!

Sunset sessions at Ibiza run from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm, the golden hours, when guests can still get a good tan as they sip cocktails, relax to cool beats and chill out in the net pods.

The Food

I never knew that Mövenpick started as a food and beverage company. Only when I found out was I able to explain their unfailing food standards! Both the buffet experiences and ala carte orders were always on point!

But I must say that if you only have a few meals in this place, you musn’t skip the Mediterranean tapas and their Balearic-inspired 15-course grill and the ever-famous Movenpick ice cream!!! Mediterranean feast of tapas and Balearic-inspired, signature 15-course grill!

From left to right: Love, Jamie, Meg, and me!!

I was so happy to especially fly in with my friends. Meg is actually a part of Mövenpick who’s invited me many times already and I was just so happy this finally happened when it did! Love and Jamie are the women behind Flora and Fern. They styled all of the photos in this entry! Jamie, took them all. (Find and book her at @adashofjamie). <3

Other things to do in Cebu!

The hotel can easily arrange activities for you when interested. I had a side trip to the Chocolate Chamber when I was there, and it was a delightful, educational, and inspirational visit all at once!

They actually have three types of tours and we got to do the 1521 Chocolate High Tea at The Chocolate Chamber café, where we were taken back into history to see the Spanish influence in chocolate-making and drinking in the Philippines.

The high tea includes lemon and raisin scones infused with cocoa butter with homemade marmalade and tablea peanut butter, hand-rolled tablea truffles, artisan sandwiches infused with 100% cacao liquor, green salad garnished with cacao nibs, and a choice of TCC’s or flavored hot or cold chocolate drink.

I know I’ve heard of cheese grating before, but chocolate grating??? WHOA.

On ala carte is the famous TCC chocolate pizza. Yup, you heard it right: chocolate pizza. Sweet and savory at once, this one’s made with a cacao liquor-infused dough, topped with mole sauce and garnished with tomato, arugula, sausage and cacao nibs, and drizzled with cocoa butter. (Wah! Explosion of flavors, right???) A special tablea truffle is a surprise centerpiece – which my son could not resist the moment we settled down for our tea time.

More than the chocolate made everything, the woman behind the Chocolate Chamber also is an inspirational figure that has an awesome story to tell. Click here if you want to read about her some more!


We were only there for three days and two nights but it felt so packed with a good mix of activity and relaxation that I feel like I could have given it more days. It is perhaps an inkling that I am now ready to go for my next time! See you there? 🙂


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