What not to do on a holiday?


It was Araw ng Kagitingan, or Day of Valor. And we were supposed to go to Tagaytay for the night.

I was honestly waiting for that. After all, it was going to be great content. I had started vlogging (again) recently, and I thought, wow, who wouldn’t want to see us doing super fun things in beautiful Tagaytay, right???

But whoever said life with kids is predictable? My son who said that he wanted to go earlier in the day, suddenly tells me he would rather stay home. So pano nalang ako magyayabang sa Instagram ko na nakaalis ako on a holiday, diba???

Seriously though, I think all of us have this in the back of our heads from time to time. We’ve somehow turned into mini TV/radio stations that are always in need of content for our channels. Of course we like to air what makes us look good, fun, entertaining. But what do we do when life isn’t always that way, correct? Minsan masaya talaga. Minsan you really woke up like this, na ang ganda-ganda mo. Pero minsan talagang please lang, naiisip ko, paano ba ako naging artista?!?

And minsan, wala talagang nangyayare sa buhay mo kahit ang busy-busy ng iba. I felt this when I was home on a holiday and everybody on my feed was posting something out-of-town-ish. Saya nila. Ganda nila. Ako, medyo boring. But the funny thing is that when I started to just enjoy the day, even through its midway changes and revisions, it made me realize that joy and fun and blessedness really does not depend on events, but on people.

Or maybe should I say I remembered? Because I am a firm believer of relationships are primary, over career, material things, etcetera. But in the age of social media, it is so easy to forget that people matter more than possessions as we get swayed by this phenoma of flashing all that if it means joining the conversation. From time to time I need to be reminded that even when I am not able to do it like everybody else, I am still okay. And more importantly, I am not missing out on anything. Besides, I would rather miss on a whole lot of other things than the simple memories I can make with my family on such an uneventful holiday at home. Yes?

ALL TO SAY THAT HERE’s OUR LATEST VLOG. Of fishing out lego toys out of the pitcher, pa-aircon pag special occasion, and pa-makeup kahit magbabantay lang ng bata sa pool. ENJOY!!! <3


Para sa mga nagtatanong kung ano ang FOMO, it means: Fear Of Missing Out


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