Installing Power Tracks


Every home is different, as every family or person is different. Not sure if you believe this, too, but there is so much a house can tell about the people living in it.

The perfect example is myself. When I was renovating my mom’s home which she was going to lend to me back in my 20’s, I had the kitchen removed. My mother’s wisdom suggested I leave at least a simple frying area by the corner – just in case. Never used it. Or maybe I did. Once. Can’t really remember.

Now that’s because I didn’t cook back then and I didn’t like eating very much. But things have changed. If only I had the budget for a major renovation right now, I would no doubt fix our kitchen and make it bigger.

So what happened? Well, the family did. Because family. The needs of a household of four people: two adults, a young child, and an infant, all demand to be met. And as any wife and mother would understand, health and safety in our home are of prime importance. Also, my husband and I agreed that our home must reflect our values, and we must incorporate a culture that upholds those values.

Let me tell you that I was a bit slow on the good food area. I don’t really like eating, but my husband and firstborn are pretty big on that. Value-crash right there, haha. I was trying to learn it for the longest time when,  and I am not so sure if I should be happy about this or what, a health concern came up for me that forced me to be more mindful about my food. In no time, I began to be a little more creative with our home-cooked meals. Thanks to the big help of The Baron Method for jumpstarting us on a menu plan that made all of us healthy and happy.

This change naturally caused me to be very involved in the kitchen, and the constant testing of recipes in the past few months made me realize two things. One is that I would love to bake more often in the future.  Second is that my kitchen’s layout and functionality are frustrating. It is actually making me very lazy and less inspired in the kitchen. This is why I am dreaming of a renovation. But as I hold off that dream until the budget comes, I realized there is a minor home improvement I can immediately do.

The Kitchen

My idea to contact Mainline  for their power tracks actually was born out of the need to plug more appliances on our kitchen countertop. It was just too tiring to keep moving stuff around. I mean, think of the mixer and how heavy that is and how I always had to move it around if I wanted to plug my heavy-duty oven toaster or kettle in its place.  There surely has to be a more efficient way of doing it and I thought that the solution could only be a good streamlining of our power sources.

Mainline is a provider of power tracks and sockets that are “tanggalable.” HAHA! That means, I can take it out and place it another area if I want to. So instead of moving stuff around, I can just move the sockets around, depending on where the track runs.

The Dining

But besides the kitchen, we also had our dining area mainlined. Because even back in our old and first home, we already knew that the dining table was an important part of the home. This is where many conversations happen. Counseling sessions have already taken place right here by our trusty mahogany table, and I am pretty sure it has tasted many salty tears, as we talk and grieve about life and death over cups of coffee or bowls of warm noodle soup. My growing children also find their food memories here. Cookies, momma’s homemade bread, or some dessert which we tried copying from a post on Instagram.

And on a clear and normal day, a day when there is no drama, my son and I homeschool here, too. There are also days when invite friends over and we offer our dining area as our co-working space. Everyone’s got their laptops and phones out as we work quietly together.

The SchOffice

As expected, the homeschool / office area needs plugs. In our home, we always need a place for “all things learning” like books, and paper, and art materials, as well as an office desk as my husband and I are big readers and also writers. We do write quite a lot of stuff, for work and for masters.

We placed ours right on top of the table, and I especially like their USB slots! Instead of a regular socket, why not directly charge your devices into USB ports you can remove and transfer to any other track in your house area anytime?

Wouldn’t have pictures of the area behind our sofa, but I had one track placed behind it so I can have mood lighting ready for when the day is coming to a close. Before the power track, our lamps lose a bit of their beauty because of the really annoying visual mess from their wires. What an eyesore to see black lines struggling to attach themselves into random sockets or in the slots of a very bulky extension cord.

I think it was my value for beauty that made me really go for Mainlining these areas. I needed to get so many of these things to work, but I also knew that I can’t be satisfied with very messy solutions. The sights, sounds, smells, of a home will be so remembered long after the kids have left for their own spaces, and so it is important to build a home that addresses both aesthetics and functionality. Something that Mainline gives, definitely.

Here are Mainline details should you like to inquire.

Mainline Power Philippines
Mobile Numbers: 0927-250-9929 / 0929-499-3712

And also, here are FAQ’s. People who visit our home asked some of them already and I figured to write the most relevant ones out for you, too.

  1. How can I book for an ocular inspection? 
Message or call 0927-2509929/0929-4993712 to book your ocular
  2. Is there an ocular inspection fee?
 No, we won’t be charging any ocular inspection fees.
  3. I live outside Metro Manila. Can I still book for an ocular inspection?
 We have dealers and partners located outside Metro Manila. Give us a call at 0927- 2509929/0929-4993712 so we can let you know if we can accommodate your requests.
  4. How long do installations usually take?
 A standard 2-meter track takes about an hour to install given that the electrical system is already in place.
  1. Can you install on any type of wall?
 Technically, yes. But we highly encourage to book ocular inspections first so we can assess the type of wall we will be working on.
  2. Do you charge for installations?
 Yes, it is P400 per area, minimum of 1 meter. 
(Alternatively, you can install all by yourself, too.)
  3. What is the minimum order for tracks? 1 meter
  4. How many sockets can you use in each track?
 A typical 1-meter track can hold up to 8 sockets.
  5. Can you leave the sockets always plugged in? Yes!
  6. Will the track run the risk of overloading?
 The track can hold up to 32 amps. Anything over that will trip the breaker similar to regular sockets.
  7. Is the track safe for children and pets?
 The track is extremely safe because of its tight and small opening. The copper wires are unreachable even if you use forks to tap inside them.
  8. Is the track fire safe?
 Yes, the entire Mainline Power system is made of self-extinguishing materials.
  9. Do you provide warranty?
 Yes, we provide a warranty of 5 years for the track and 1 year for the sockets.
  10. Where can we see samples of your product?
 Samples of our products are currently available at all Ideal Home showrooms which is located in SM North EDSA Interior Zone,
Mazzini showrrom that is located in Talomo, Davao City, 8000 Davao Del Sur
Manila Peninsula which is located in Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, 1226
Hinge in P. Guevarra.

Next home improvement project are ceiling fans. Any one of you have suggestions and reviews? Leave at the comment section below. Would appreciate your help!


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