Wrong Room, Right Doors


I am at a crossroad again. Should I turn left or right? Or should I keep going straight? Why am I here again? Didn’t I just decide last month? Last year? Two years ago? Why can’t I rest from these decisions? But such is life. It is one long ride where we have to keep turning and turning to get to where we are headed. 

Now many times in this long journey we enter wrong streets. And sometimes we stay in them for a while before we realize, it isn’t where we are supposed to be. They may even be interesting streets. One that could convince us enough that we are on the right track until you find that on the map, you actually are moving further. So you have to back track and get out so you can be on the right path all over again.


But interesting streets and stopovers are so hard to leave, I know. However, the reality is that they also delay you from the right stopovers to your destination. There are better things to see and explore, but some of the funnest wrong turns are fooling you to think that you must settle.


I was like this about relationships. I knew where I was headed. I wanted a decent guy and someone who would respect and love me all the days of my life. But it was too fun to be with the womanizer and it was too intoxicating to be with the drug addict.


I also was like this about my career. I knew I wanted something worthwhile, something I would be proud of and would somehow, contribute something good to the world. But money kept me going as a woman who sold lust on TV and in movie houses.


I also was like this about my lifestyle. I knew I wanted to live long and healthy, but I felt like cigarettes, alcohol and partying all night were all too fun and cool to leave behind.


But one day, I found myself wanting to make a decision. I wanted to go back on the right path, after having realized that after a while, even having fun becomes tiring. I guess this is the nature of doing something wrong and meaningless. No matter how fun it seems for the moment, it is only making its way to being exhausting. I was tired from all the empty pleasure, so I said let’s do something peaceful and right.


So the first step was meeting Jesus and having Him open my eyes to see how lost I was according to His map. Then, I started to leave all the wrong roads. Soon enough, in following His path closely and not mine, I eventually found the husband God has prepared for me, the truer parts of my calling, and a more fulfilling and peaceful manner of going about life. In short, I found what I truly wanted for myself the more I followed My God.


Remember what Maria said in the Sound of Music? “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” I had something of that sort recently. A moment when soon as I left the wrong room, all the right doors opened. 


Saying goodbye isn’t easy. Closing chapters, as well. But my encouragement for you today who might considering leaving the wrong street — may it be in love, career, or lifestyle — is to know that the sooner you leave, the faster you will get to the blessedness that comes with the path leading to the right destination.


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