What does God write in His book?


What is the difference between an author and a writer? Maybe you could say that an author must have a published book while a writer may or may have not. But what’s the difference of having a published book and mere journal entries or a simple blog? Well, I can’t be too sure. But my friend Stef, a book editor, once told me, it is believed in the publishing world that those who write books are people who have a compelling message to share, one that burns inside of them. Those who cannot sleep well at night without having written the story which begs to be shared for all the world to see.

Being a new author myself, I find that to be true; many tales and thoughts come to me, but I find that only a few are worthy of recording, editing, and publishing into a book. Some are enough to appear on my journal, some must go more publicly on a blog, but others, and there are only a few of them, I reserve for the rigorous and sacred work of furnishing into a precious book.


If this is so, shouldn’t we want to know what God himself has written in His book? Do we ever wonder what He deems worthy to put together and account for in His own book? 


Well, if I look at Psalm 139:15 (ESV) where David, a believer and worshipper of God, declares every one of his days as written in the Lord’s book even before they came to be, then I have reason to believe that believers and worshipers of God, must also be able to sing the same song. That is, a song of gladness and honor that God deems it worthy to write the days of a mere mortal in His book! Isn’t it profound that while authors here and there produce biographies only of highly successful people, God is busy writing my days and yours, in His book? 


Further, if we look at Psalm 56:8 (MSG), “You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn, through sleepless nights, each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book,” not only do we see this Author writing our days but even recording tears and aches in His book! Again, this was David speaking. A believer and worshipper of God. Who has had many tears to shed — political and personal; he has lost friends, support, sons, throughout his life. He has had many reasons to cry. He has had many reasons to ache. Yet now we read they are not in vain, for in every sorrow, God was recording for his glory and his story, which we read mostly these days through the Psalms.


Have you cried yesterday? You, the believing and worshipping follower of God, have you shed tears of late? Have you ached recently? And have you heard that God records all that pain in his book? I know it is quite mind boggling to think, but it is true; where God is the story told beneath our tears, He is faithful to include it in His book. It is like a burning message within Him, that which he cannot not share for all the world to see. Is it not that the woman with the Alabaster Jar, who wet Jesus’ feet with her tears, is said to have done a beautiful thing and will have a story, along with the gospel, always told in memory of her? (Find story in Matthew 26, Mark 14, and Luke 7.)


Where worldly authors and publishing houses only have time to make books of Queens, leaders, popular world changers, God sees it worthy that we, who are nobodies but mere believers of His power and love, would have our tears and our days included in His book. 


So live your days and pains in faith, brothers and sisters. For when you do, none of them shall be forgotten nor overlooked. In fact, God sees to it that they make it in His book. That while the world may forget, or fail to notice in the first place, A Great Author is silently jotting them all down to include in the grandest book of all time and life.



  • Arris Padernal
    May 16, 2017

    Thanks Carla! I was blessed by this entry. Know that all your tears, including all your losses were recorded too. Continue living your days and pains in faith. Know that while other authors crave for a Nobel prize, God already made a memorial for all your writing for His glory. Continue in the grace.

  • Dulce sy
    May 18, 2017

    An avid follower here on ur ig acct!!cant imagine how God made u so good in writing and inspiring moms like me who do selfless things for her family (u know what i mean). Thank u for your blogs it really helped us a lot especially on this hectic/busy/no-more-me-time state of me as i call it. Lol. When i read or just open ur ig acct i feel releived and hopefull that even on thia chaotic world there are still people who do the works of God by sharing His world to young people like me with passion. I pray that your family will be bless even more to acomplish your mission. More power to you! Ps. Pls post more about your outfits and beauty secrets it really helped me a lot!hkhk thanks a bunch!!

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